10 Pieces of Stoner Art That’ll Blow Your Mind

October 5, 2020

by Ma Raim

You don’t get to write blogs for an online dispensary in Vancouver without knowing a thing or two about stoner art. Our city is plastered with murals and graffiti, one of a hundred reasons we love living here. It’s a wonderful by-product of our industry that when we sell cannabis, it goes out into the world and the people who smoke it get inspired. Anyone who’s up on cannabis culture knows how creative people in this space are. We felt it would be great to look into some of the cool stoner artists we follow and spread some positive creative energy. Here are 10 pieces of stoner art we think you’ll love.

Snoop and Blunt

snoop and blunt stoner art

This image is beautiful. The artist has captured Snoop’s signature stoner smirk, the detailing on the beard is impressive and the colour choices are on point. Did you count all the Snoop cameos in our last blog? The man’s as ubiquitous within cannabis culture as the weed leaf and has been immortalised in stoner art for years. Did you know he has a professional blunt roller on hand, just to be there the second he needs to smoke up?

Where we found this piece.

My Art Teacher Told Me to Go for A Walk and Draw What I Saw

stoner art squirrel

There’s definitely some artistic merit to this super doodle. The Adam’s apple is a little off-putting, but the melting wheels have a Salvadore Dali vibe. The transition from man to squirrel is seamless. I’d give this kid a B+ for sure. Oddly, I saw something similar once on edibles in Calgary. It may have been a raccoon but it was riding some sort of trike and I couldn’t handle it.

Squirrel cyclist source.

Smoking Ballpoint

Saara stoner art

This artist clearly has a practiced hand. If we had an actual pot store, we’d cover the walls in stoner drawings like this. It’s a stellar piece of work, made all the more impressive by the fact that the sketcher was new to using a ballpoint. Beautiful stuff.

More from antiteesi here.

Too Many Cannabis Edibles

smoking blunts weed art

I don’t think this one has a title, but it definitely feels like a long night on edibles. We love the detail, the colour choice and the sheer fun this piece is having in its lunacy. Trippy vibes, we’re here for it.

Scroll through this trippy list, it’s where we found it.

A Window Into Cannabis Culture

cannabis culture art

This piece of art is just clean. Straight dope. Congratulations to whoever designed it. The balance of detail and simplicity is professional here, as well as the colour choice. There’s a beauty to smoking cannabis that a lot of people don’t see. We feel this image captures a little piece of that.

The source.

Into the Wild

into the wild cannabis art

Have you seen Into the Wild? It’s a beautiful film about escaping society and living your own way. Some brilliant artist has crossed the world of Scooby Doo with the iconic artwork from the movie. Someone put a lot of work into capturing the mood of Alexander Supertramp sitting on his magic bus and gave it a stoner spin. Hats off.

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Keanu's self portrait

I want to smoke up with this person. This is a self-portrait and has some real flair to it. Cool, real, a little self-deprecating, this is a sick piece of work. Why do we think it’s self-deprecating? There’s no effort to be cool or edgy here, the artist just is. They somehow look cooler than this image in real life. Check out their other work.

Stoner art by keanu1_art on Instagram.

The Lonely Stoner Seems to Free His Mind at Night

lonely stoner image

The above stoner quote from Kid Cudi always struck a chord with me, and apparently I’m not the only one. The Lonely Stoner is an interesting graphic with a bit of flair to it. How many characters like this float in and out of pot stores, their heads full of thoughts without anyone to share them with? It’s sad but colourful, we’d have it on the wall for sure. You actually can in this case. We’re not being paid to advertise it, it’s just cool.

Where you can buy S E N S E I R E T R O’s stoner art.

Pop Art

stoner pop art

There’s not all the much to say about this piece: we like it, it’s bright and poppy and makes us smile. The character’s roll seems a little loose. As you may have guessed from this post, I’ve got a weakness for blocky colour and also dig pop art. If you smoke weed in Vancouver, you can take a relaxed stroll and find all kinds of art like this around the city.

Where we found this lady rolling her blunt.

Man and the Moon

instagram moon artwork

We love the shadowy little noir figure, we love the imposing yet relaxing moon. It’s just there nestled in a tree, isn’t that nice? The colours also make this piece really mellow. It put one of us in mind of nights spent under a blanket with wavey music, smoking strong indicas.

More from trippy wave on Instagram.

There you have it. Let us know if you like this kind of content, if you think our artistic analysis is basic or if you would like to see more. If you’re looking for an online dispensary in Canada, look no further. We’ve got whatever you need. Take a look through our virtual pot store and hit us up if you have questions or feedback. Smoke responsibly.


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