10 Stoner Memes I Found This Week (How to Turn In A Lazy Blog Post)

August 20, 2020

by Ma Raim

Memes: the great art form of our time. I love stoner memes. Weed and the internet are a perfect combo and stoners are seriously creative people. While we may have a rep for being lazy, that’s just a rumour great grandpa spread because he had shares in timber. Most of us aren’t lazy and our usually elevated look at life leads to some serious comedy. Here are 10 relatable and hilarious memes from some funny stoners. These are just ones I’ve stumbled across this week so if they’re not absolutely fresh out of the oven, don’t @ me. (@hotgrass1 on Twitter.) Shoutout to r/trees and our good friends on weed Twitter and Instagram for their consistent entertainment value.

1) Don’t Hate Us Cause You Ain’t Us

stoner space ranger meme

I find people who try to insult you for being a stoner fall into three categories:

  • Uptight and uninformed folks who can’t get on board with your laidback viewpoint on life
  • Someone whose job won’t allow them to smoke up
  • Well-meaning relatives

If you have any more examples, we’d love to hear ‘em.

2) Stoner McGregor

stoner mcgregor

Don’t make your brownies so delicious, because you’ll get snacky and go back for more. At least shrooms have the decency to taste gross so you don’t eat them out of hunger and then overcook. This meme perfectly describes my last two experiences with edibles. Stone safely, folks.

3) Stoana

moana smokes weed

This happens a lot living in Vancouver. I’m walking to work and catch the scent of someone’s wake n bake while I have to go and be a responsible adult who works for a living writing about memes. It’s just not fair.

4) You Gonna Pass That Back This Way Or…?

Stolen weed lighter

I don’t know if this is just some guy or a reference to something, but I laughed pretty hard at this one. We all know the pain. I find stoners are generally incredibly generous when it comes to their valuable bud but Gollum-and-the-ring level possessive with cheap lighters, for this very reason.

5) A Moment of Silence

dropped weed

If you haven’t done this yet, I have some bad news for you, son. It’s gonna happen. And it stays with you. Not so much of an issue now that dispensaries are legal here in Canada, but in the past this was a genuine tragedy.

6) It’s a Meme of Two Halves

growing weed story

It’s a beautiful story of two people who met at the perfect time in their lives to enjoy weed and make a huge mistake. Nah, I’m sure that kid’s wonderful etc. Enjoy cannabis responsibly but also check out these concentrates which will absolutely wreck you.

7) Those Weren’t Their Clothes Or What They Ordered In The Movie And I’m Overthinking This Meme

drunk vs high meme

I’ve seen Harold and Kumar: The Good One more times than I can count and that’s definitely not a screenshot from the movie. Either way, I agree with the sentiment: weed good, booze not so good.

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8) My Dealer’s a Generous Soul

dealer scales meme

I thought it was just my dealer who was this much of an altruist. Not all heroes wear capes. Pretty sweet here in Canada, you can get an ounce of weed without having to worry that your dealer has shorted you.

9) Relatable Cat Meme

weed cat meme

As stoner memes go, this one’s a little weak. But, I have actually thought this when looking down at a cat getting off its chops on nip. That looks great, why aren’t there any natural substances that I go mad for?

10) Just Another Day at The Office

stoner office meme

C’mon, you know you were a little bit excited when they said you’d have to stay home. I was; I’m a big fan of smoking alone, as I wrote here. Oh no, what a travesty: exactly what I wanted to be doing. Fun fact, COVID-19 could actually be treated or prevented using weed. Is there anything it can’t do?

I appreciate you reading this far into a dubious article of poorly-cropped memery. If you have any quality stoner memes, reach out to us and we'll give you a shoutout if they make it into a blog. If you’re looking to buy from one of the best dispensaries in Canada, hit us up here. Stay safe.





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