About Us

Marijuana by Mail Order throughout Canada

Located in B.C. the HotGrass team strives to provide fast and discreet shipping on all marijuana mail orders and provide our customers with a streamlined and worry-free shopping experience with all of our marijuana products! We started this online marijuana dispensary service to provide safe access to high-quality Medicinal Marijuana for patients suffering from a number of conditions and disorders such as chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, PTSD or other medical conditions.

Online Marijuana Dispensary for Cannabis Flowers, Shatters & Concentrates

HotGrass (formerly Cheap Bud Canada) is Canada’s best online dispensary for high-quality Cannabis Flowers and Shatter Concentrates, dedicated to providing safe, legal access to Canadians 19+ with medical marijuana to your doorstep. We are committed to providing marijuana in the most discreet and safest manner possible. Patients who buy weed online can now enjoy a great selection, low prices, and easy access to some of the best strains of AAAA Medicinal Marijuana available in Canada by mail order.



Sativa is great for day time use. If you are looking to focus, be creative or laugh, Sativa is a great choice


Hybrid strains are the best of both worlds. Great combination of medical and recreational benefits


Indica strains are generally for night time use. There are many medical properties.


Frequently Asked Questions

For speed and clarity, all our mail-order cannabis is shipped at a flat rate, anywhere in Canada: $25.90. This allows us to track every order. Once you’ve placed your order, checked your email and paid via the instructions there, we ship ASAP. Your items will go out the same day or next day depending what time you order and barring any issues.

We sometimes offer free shipping or similar deals to people subscribed to our mailing list.

We track every order we send out to make sure it gets to the right place. You’ll get the tracking number as soon as we have it. If you have a shipping issue, reach out to us at info@hotgrass.co .

We pride ourselves on offering the cheapest ounces of cannabis in Canada. We’re often told it’s too cheap to be true or must be a scam – but check our Google reviews (4.4 from 179 at time of writing). We simply have the facilities to grow a lot of the best cannabis, so can afford to pass it on to you at the fairest price. When we had a bunch of premium cannabis shake left over, we sold it on at $10 an ounce! We believe Cannabis is for everyone, so we sell it at an affordable price.

We are constantly updating our range of cannabis strains, edibles, shrooms, CBD, concentrates and vapes. We have over 300 products on our site, 170 of which are different cannabis flowers. We like to refer to it as the stash market, since we are constantly adding new products and updating our sale section.

We strive to only grow and ship the best quality weed and cannabis products. We rate all of our strains on potency and quality from A to AAAAA. Even our A strains will get you where you want to go, they’re just not as pretty as those high-end plants. If a crop comes in ugly, we’re up front about it, drop the price and pass the savings on to you – any fan of HotGrass knows about our Grower’s Loss, which are odd looking flowers that we sell cheap but have all the potency you could want.