All the Ways Cannabis Can Save the World

December 21, 2020

by Ma Raim

We believe weed can save the world. Now, stoners love to talk weed. Those who don’t smoke up glaze over when the subject comes up as if it’s not worth discussing, but beyond how fun it is, there are so many legitimate uses for cannabis that can benefit everyone. Here are just a few ways weed could save us all.

Hemp Plastics

Plastic pollution is one of the key problems affecting our environment today. In 2017, over 300 million tons of plastic was produced by manufacturers worldwide. Unlike regular plastics, hemp bioplastic is sustainable and cost-effective. It’s completely biodegradable when made with biodegradable polymers. Most plastic items will take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Hemp plastic, on the other hand, only takes around 3 to 6 months to fully decompose. It can also be recycled indefinitely.

Hemp plastic

Hemp plastic is non-toxic. Petroleum-based plastics contain harmful toxins like BPA, which have been linked to infertility, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, among other negative health conditions. Hemp plastic does not contain any of these dangerous toxins.

Hemp plastic is also 3.5 times stronger than petroleum-based plastics, making it safer. They’re also lighter.

Hemp Protein

Hemp seeds are perfectly edible and contain a surprising amount of protein. By weight, hemp seeds provide a similar amount of protein as beef and lamb. 30 grams of hemp seeds (2–3 tablespoons) provides around 11 grams of protein. Hemp seeds are also considered a complete protein source. This means, unlike many vegetables, they provide all the essential amino acids for optimal health. Your body doesn’t produce essential amino acids on its own and must obtain them from your diet. Hemp oil is also highly beneficial.


CBD can help people lead healthier, happier lives. It’s become incredibly popular at Vancouver dispensaries. You can buy medical marijuana to aid in a range of conditions including IBD, arthritis, diabetesalcoholismMS, chronic painschizophreniaPTSDdepressionantibiotic-resistant infectionsepilepsy, and other neurological disorders. Imagine a world filled with people who can manage their pain, both physical and mental. Microdosing mushrooms can also help with this. How much more would we thrive as a species if we weren’t held back by these things?

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Purifying the Air and Soil

Our global impact doesn't just come down to plastics or global warming. The things we have done to the planet go down to the soil. If we want to save the world, we have to grow plants - and weed can help with that. As a plant, hemp is an entirely renewable resource that benefits the environment rather than destroying it. Hemp crops can prevent soil erosion, take in toxic metals, reduce water pollution and be endlessly cultivated. Hemp plants breathe in four times the amount of CO2 compared to trees. These magic plants can literally purify the toxins in our air, naturally.

Cannabis purifying the world's soil

Hemp cleans toxins out of soil too, enabling other plants and crops to grow. When scientists and the company Phytotech began growing industrial hemp around the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat, Ukraine, they found it significantly reduced the soil toxicity.

Economic Growth

Online marijuana sales, along with the rise in dispensaries has been huge for the economy. Suddenly people who have a niche and formerly illegal interest can become successful entrepreneurs, farmers and sellers. The government also benefits: people were buying so much weed in Canada in 2019 that $186 million of tax revenue was generated in five and a half months.

Crime Rates

When you decriminalize marijuana, crime rates drop dramatically. In Canada, weed becoming legal has only made things better. With fewer petty convictions, we have more productive members of society without criminal records who have an equal chance of getting jobs. When people are incarcerated for petting crimes like buying cannabis or possession, they then can’t work, so are forced deeper into crime just to survive. This is a clear cycle that needs to be broken.

Human Connection

Stoners and those who use magic mushrooms have their minds opened. This depth of mind makes us look at things from all angles and with more empathy. With our inhibitions reduced we can put ourselves in each other’s shoes. This promotes understanding and tolerance. So much disagreement, misunderstanding and hatred could be avoided if we had a little more understanding in the world – and cannabis is a clear conduit for that.

So, there you have it. Weed can save the world. Did we miss any other points? Let us know below. If you’re looking for affordable Canadian bud, look no further. Our BC-grown weed will get you where you need to go. Take a look through our store and hit us up if you have questions or feedback. Smoke responsibly.

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