Best Rap Songs About Weed: 2010s

September 3, 2021

by Ma Raim

Rap culture and cannabis culture are deeply intertwined. With cannabis legalization becoming a more common occurrence worldwide, the crossover between the two is more frequent than ever. As weed has come to the forefront of popular culture, so has rap & hip-hop. Six of the top 10 and the top 3 albums on the Billboard 200 Albums of the Year in 2020 were rap artists.

Everyone knows legends like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Afroman, who have produced stoner hits like The Next Episode and Because I Got High. But, some of today's most popular rappers-turned-kush-ambassadors have dropped catchy head-bopping tributes to Mary Jane, putting up big numbers in the process. Here's a look at five of the best rap songs about weed from this past decade, in no particular order, and the best HotGrass weed strains to go with them.

Purple Swag by A$AP Rocky

As A$AP Rocky's breakout track, Purple Swag encapsulates the rapper's trippy, laidback and give-no-f*cks persona, all in one song. Despite growing up in New York, the rapper took influence from the Houston rap scene, using more grandeur synth beats and faster vocals.

At its core, Purple Swag is an ode to "Pretty Flacko's" use of narcotics, dedicating the song to the use of lean and weed, mainly purple kush.

If you're going to be smoking to this track, you need to try our Death Bubba strain. This AAAAA Indica-dominant strain has beautiful purple colouring, matching up perfectly with Rocky's iconic debut song.

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Roll Up by Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa has never shied away from his love for weed. It is an integral aspect of almost all his music, even releasing his own cannabis line in 2016. While his love for weed is evident, his 2011 single Roll Up is one of his best musical representations of it. The song is one of the most popular tracks from Khalifa's third studio album, Rolling Papers, and one of three singles from it. Wiz sings as if he's speaking to a woman, signifying he's only a call away if she needs him. However, some interpretations of the track believe he's also referring to his love for weed.

Nonetheless, smokers can immerse themselves in the music, as Wiz repeats "I roll up, I roll up, I roll up" over this heartwarming jam.If you want to pair this nostalgic beat with some HotGrass weed, then go with none other than Wiz's favourite OG Kush with our Fire OG Hybrid strain. This strain gives any kind of smoker that all-day high and allows you to relax while staying focused.

Broccoli by DRAM ft. Lil Yachty

As one of the most popular rap songs of 2016, Broccoli mixes an irresistible piano beat with creative and funny rhymes to produce a hilarious ode to everyone's favourite green: weed. While it's not the first time a rapper has referenced weed as broccoli (E-40 made a song of the same name), it's a hilarious play on their apparent similarities in appearance. However, the music itself is about how people flock to DRAM for his weed, using whatever excuses they can to smoke with him. 

Whether or not you're a fan of rap music, the unstoppably happy vibe of this track will get anyone smilin' and vibin'. The best weed to match this song is our Alaskan Thunder F**k strain. One toke of this strain will have you feeling as euphoric as Yachty on this beat.

Keep Floatin' by Mac Miller ft. Wiz Khalifa

We'd be remiss not to pay tribute to the late, great Mac Miller, who has produced some of the best relaxing, feel-good music of this decade. Along with fellow Pittsburgher Wiz Khalifa, the pair link up to create a beautiful track that anyone can smoke to. The light, feel-good beat with a slow, melodic flow really does make it feel like you're floating.

This song in itself is a blessing, as Wiz's hook was initially a throwaway from his Rolling Papers album, but Mac heard it and made a hit out of it.

If you want the perfect blend to match the energy of this relaxing song, try our Blue Dream strain. Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects, making it a popular daytime medicine for smokers searching for stress or pain relief.

Marijuana by Kid Cudi

The title goes without saying: Marijuana by Kid Cudi is a tribute to weed in all of its glory. Cudi is the king of euphoric, trippy rap, floating on this beat while talking about his love for cannabis.

"Pretty green bud, all in my blunt, oh I need it, We can take off, yeah, ooh. Marijuana, yeah."

If you're looking to zone out to some Cudi, make sure to pick up some of HotGrass' AAAA+ Gelato Cookies. If your schedule is free and you have no plans lined up, then spark up some Gelato and let the day take you away. 

While these are just five of our favourite stoner tracks, there are countless others from the 2010s and beyond that set the vibe for any smoker. What are your top references to weed in rap? Let us know in the comments below!





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