Best Ways to Celebrate 420

April 13, 2022

by Ma Raim

Looking forward to celebrating 420 this year with your friends? No matter what city you're in or your comfort level with social gatherings, such as festivals, here are some great ways to celebrate 420 in 2022.

Before we talk about ways to celebrate, take a few minutes to read about the History of 420 if you don't know it already.

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First things first, make sure to stock up on your favourite products and take advantage of all the 420 deals!

Don't have a favourite strain yet? Check out some of our favourites.

Ways of Celebrating 420

Many cannabis smokers are eager to get back to the 420 festivals, and some are happening this year!


There are also numerous other events around 420 that are great ways to celebrate. Check out this event list curated by PotGuide.

If you're not ready to join the crowds, that's okay too! There are many other ways to celebrate 420.

420 Entertainment

Celebrating 420 at home? There are many things you can do at home to celebrate 420 alone or with your best smoking buddies.

Movie Night

A movie night is a great way to celebrate. Sink into the couch and take some well-deserved time to relax.

Best Stoner Movies

Best Movies to Watch High

Or take a deeper dive into cannabis history with one of these documentaries: The Grass is Greener, The Culture High and The Legend of 420.

If learning about cannabis is your thing, check out these amazing cannabis podcasts.

Cannabis Cooking

Make some of your favourite weed edibles. Making your own edibles can be fun, and they're a great snack to have along with your movie. Just make sure to have some other snacks prepared as well.

Weed Brownies

CBD Smoothie

Once you know how to make CannaButter, you can use it to replace fats in almost any recipe.

Hotgrass Cannabis Butter

Cannabis edibles can be so much more than just your favourite sweet treats. You may want to consider hosting your own cannabis dinner party. 420 themed dinner party! Sounds like tons of fun. Here are a few things to consider when hosting a cannabis dinner party:

  • Know the doses of all your edibles and have a menu
  • Keep the doses low if you’re planning to have multiple dishes with THC
  • Have a variety of food choices
  • Skip the alcohol; consider mocktails instead
  • Set the mood in the space
  • Make sure all guests have a safe ride home

If you don’t want to make an infused meal, instead you could have a dinner party with cannabis pairing. Consider pairing different strains with different courses as a fancy restaurant would do with wine.

A fun resource to read is Higher Etiquette which educates on all cannabis social etiquette including dinner parties.

Overthinking spending 420 at home alone? Smoking alone is one of the best ways to smoke. Not convinced? Let us tell you why we think smoking alone is so great!

Cannabis Adventures

Don't want to stay at home, but not ready to go to an event? Consider taking yourself (and maybe a few friends) on a cannabis adventure.

There are many great ways to celebrate 420 that don't involve crowds. The best approach, in our opinion, is connecting with nature.

  • Go on a nature walk (or hike, if you’re up to it)
  • Find a secluded park or beach to relax
  • Take an extended long weekend and go camping

Another fun adventure you can go on is a cannabis tour! Cannabis tours exist in a number of cities including Vancouver, the Okanagan, Kelowna, Nelson and other places across the country.

Or maybe you want to completely escape and take a cannabis-friendly vacation: check out Butiq Escapes.

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New to Cannabis and Want to Celebrate 420?

Even if you're new to cannabis, you can still celebrate 420. Take some time to learn some of the basics about cannabis before deciding where you want to start.

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Dosing Cannabis Edibles

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Simple Tips for Cannabis Beginners

  • Take it easy—start with a small dose
  • Don't start with edibles (at least not THC ones)
  • Do it somewhere you feel safe and comfortable
  • Smoke with friends
  • Relax and remember that the feeling will pass

If you have no interest in getting high, stick to CBD products. There are CBD bath bombs, oils, pills, creams, gummies, vapes and isolates!

If you want to get high but are feeling nervous, have a friend who smokes guide you through. You can start alone, but many beginners feel more comfortable with friends.

Smoke a little bit, and then give it some time to let it hit you before having more to avoid getting too high.

When purchasing weed flower, remember lower THC means the weed is less potent. A strain is considered lower THC if it's below 15% THC. So, look into the strain before buying and consider choosing one with lower THC if you're a beginner.

Consider some of these lower THC strains (between 14-20% THC, listed lowest to highest):

Why You Shouldn't Start with Edibles

Edibles are great if you're used to cannabis. They are a great alternative to smoking and hit you hard, but that's part of the problem for beginners. Edibles can quickly get too intense if you aren't used to cannabis.

When smoking, you can pause at any time. If you decide to pause, you likely won't get too much higher, and time will allow the feeling to pass. Sometimes edibles come on strong and continue to build over several hours. And with edibles, once you've taken the dose, you can't take it back; you just have to wait it out. In the words of the great Snoop Dogg: "They ain't got no off button."

Happy 420! Please use responsibly.





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