Blue Dream Strain: The Best Strains of Weed

May 24, 2022

by Ma Raim

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was originally grown in California. This legend among the west coast strains is a cross of Blueberry and Haze that’s a consistent sell out across dispensaries in Canada. Its child strains are Jager and Banana Cream OG.

Blue Dream Strain Effects

Both new and existing fans alike love the balanced effects of Blue Dream and its pleasant euphoria. Blue Dream walks the line between full-body relaxation and gentle cerebral energy that’s noted to lack the paranoia that some sativa-leaning strains can cause. Creative types love this one as it stimulates free-flowing ideas without draining focus and energy. It comes on strong and hard without putting you to sleep. This makes Blue Dream a popular day strain for those with symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, nausea, and other ailments requiring high THC. The THC rate tops out at 18%, with 0% CBD.

Appearance, Flavour, and Scent

The Blue Dream strain has an earthy, crushed sweet berry aroma like its Blueberry parent. The flavour is packed with blueberry sweetness coming through on every hit. Myrcene is the main terpene present, offering a herbal scent, with some Pinene (pine) and Caryophyllene (pepper). The buds will be littered with trichomes inside and out.

Smoke Summary

I’ve smoked Blue Dream to help get into a creative headspace for a big project when I need to stay focused. I’ve always had a weakness for berry strains as they give you that delicious hit, and this one is sometimes like hitting a berry-flavoured vape in its intensity, although it was the freshest bag I’ve ever gotten my hands on. It calms you down in the evening if needed but isn’t the best if you suffer from sleep problems. While you know its there, I’ve never felt distracted or cloudy up top after smoking Blue Dream, so can definitely attest to its use as a day strain. Try it on a wake n bake. It didn’t make me any chattier in terms of sociability but does a good job at relieving anxiety. It’s been passed around at a party more than once.

Blue Dream made our list of 10 best strains in Canada for 2022. Check out our deep dive on Ghost Train Haze.






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