Buying Weed in Canada: Where to Get Value Buds for the Lowest Price!

February 18, 2020

by Admin_M

Buying Weed in Canada: Where to Get it and How it is Priced.

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The price point of cannabis is a hotly debated issue. It divides provinces, cities, and 4 out of 10 Canadians who have indicated the price of weed is the most important factor in where they buy it. So, how and why is cannabis priced the way it is?

The Providers

Currently there are a few options for supply. First, licensed producers or glorified businessmen who hire scientists to try and nab a spot in the green rush. Most have little to no experience in cultivation, and while they can drive cannabis stocks for shareholders, the product they put out is shunned by consumers and overpriced. Second, you have the “illegal” growers who supply the thriving grey market. Online dispensaries abound and brick and mortar pot shops are available to supply almost anything. Finally, you have the legal medical home growers who grow small and specific strains with passion vs profit in mind.

Canadian Weed Price - Finding the Best Value Buds

The legal market: thanks to government taxes, the legal market has grams priced at $10.51 as the average. This results in a colossal $294.28 per oz. That often seems high for the greenhouse style, poorly trimmed and bred product most of them produce. Of course, there are a few outliners: some of the smaller LPs are growing some dank and beautiful AAAA green in limited batches. Unfortunately, they’re not able to sell direct to consumer and it all gets mashed together by provincial or federal agencies.

The grey market: a bit wild west with a dash of good old-fashioned capitalism. The average price in the grey market sits about $5.85 per gram, which equals about $163.80 per oz. That being said, cost is dependent on the method of commerce chosen. You can easily find an ounce for under $100 these days.

Where to Buy Weed in Canada

Brick and mortar: A physical location that is technically “illegal” has the cost of rent/staff/municipal fines/advertising/etc. Take Cannabis Kings in Abbotsford BC, a much-loved spot that has been fighting for years to keep providing the local community with quality weed. You should expect to pay $150 – $250 for an ounce in an establishment such as this. Just keeping their doors open means thousands in fines per month.

Online Mail-Order Marijuana: A dime a dozen, there are literally hundreds of Canadian mail-order marijuana sites. If you can find an honest one such as ours, or you go to one of the giants like stashclub, you get a fair price and good local product. Grey cannabis grown in Canada is cultivated on the west coast. If the cannabis ships from BC you’re likely the first on the delivery list. Elsewhere, it is the strains that didn’t sell. As a result, beware unrealistic and overly low-priced online ounces. Often this is **washed Cannabis**, if it’s also shipped from anywhere outside British Columbia, run the other way.

Current Market

The market is down for grey producers. As the cost of production continues to rise, the cannabis market continues to fall. If you are shopping in BC you should expect to pay about $1600 to $2100 for a pound of dank, well-grown, nicely trimmed, high-THC strains. Every province you move eastward, add about $200. So, a lower pound in BC (that sold for $1600) will sell for $2200 in Ontario. In addition, if you’re buying online from a BC mail order marijuana dispensary, expect to pay $99 to $175 for fresh and beautiful cannabis. Anything higher than that is greed and likely filling the pockets of everyone except the grower. Anything purchased or shipped from the east coast… well, I would say don’t even bother!

Hopefully you find this information useful and if you have questions, please post a comment and we will happily respond.

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HotGrass Buying Manager

** WASHED CANNABIS or WASH looks perfect but the THC has been stripped to make extracts. The remaining product is sprayed with an adhesive dusted with kief to provide some kind of buzz. This product is usually found in Ontario and east and is incredibly dangerous. It looks perfect but has been stripped with chemicals.









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