Cannabis Delivery in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

May 30, 2022

by Ma Raim

Marijuana has been legal in the great white north for years now, but people still have a lot of questions about cannabis delivery in Canada. It makes sense—if you're going to buy weed online you need to know if it's legal, safe, and worth the price.

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal in Canada?

Cannabis delivery is legal in Canada for licensed retailers.

Edibles Delivery

The production and sale of cannabis edibles, extracts, and cannabis topicals has been legal in Canada under the Cannabis Act since October 17, 2019.

Mail-Order Marijuana in Canada

Can you send cannabis through the mail within Canada? From Canada Post, yes you can:

Cannabis is a regulated product with specific delivery requirements. The sender needs to make sure the contents, packaging and labeling of their shipments follow all applicable legislation and regulations.

Benefits of Cannabis Delivery in Canada

Discreet Packaging and Delivery

Even in 2022, some people don’t want to be seen going into a cannabis dispensary. Not everyone out there has a liberal attitude and despite Canada taking huge steps since legalization, some people still judge. Cannabis delivery takes this problem out of the equation altogether.

Variety of Cannabis Products

Retail smoke shops with brick-and-mortar locations need to worry about their overheads. More space equals a more expensive rental, and it’s hard for dispensaries in Canada to make money since there are so many of them. So, these stores can’t stock as many strains and can run out of stock quicker. Online dispensaries in Canada who offer weed delivery take the money they would spend on renting a store and put into storage space, sourcing, and growing. Therefore, an online dispensary can stock up to 200 weed strains or more for you to choose from.


You don’t have to leave the house, bus it downtown, get caught in the rain, or even speak to people if you’re not in the mood. You can simply kick back, peruse the cannabis catalogue at your leisure and order a delivery that will arrive within the next couple of days. Yes, it requires a little preplanning, but it’s worth it.

Cheap Weed Deals

As stated above, your cannabis stores downtown have to invest a lot of money in their spot: cabinets, shelves, storage space, lots of fancy glass, and security. So, they need to sell at a consistent price in order to cover those initial investment costs. Sure, they will do some deals. But they don’t compare to the massive savings that cannabis delivery can offer. Having all of our resources in growing, sometimes we’ll end up with a huge yield of a certain strain and be able to sell it at a substantially lower price.

Supporting Canadian Cannabis Delivery Is Supporting a Small Business

It’s a common misconception that big businesses are best for the economy and everyone as a whole. Since 1995, over 50% of America’s jobs have come from small businesses. The Small Business Association has even stated that small businesses account for 64% of new jobs annually: 1.5 million each year.

Many of the chain pot stores we’re seeing pop up in Canada and the US are owned by suits who saw a chance to capitalize on a new industry, with no previous roots in cannabis culture or cares for its struggles. When you support a smaller cannabis delivery company, you’re supporting a Canadian small business which employs passionate growers and weed enthusiasts who fought for legalization.

HotGrass Cannabis Delivery

HotGrass is made up of a tight group of growers, advocates, and cannabis enthusiasts from way back. We didn’t dive into the market post legalization to make a quick buck. Our goal has always been to optimize our cannabis delivery so that this medicine, which should always have been available to everyone, is available to everyone. We do this by growing year round, as well as sourcing rare and new strains in bulk. That way, we cut down costs on our end without sacrificing quality and can sell weed at a fair price. HotGrass delivers cannabis to anywhere in Canada as quickly as possible via mail order.

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