Online Cannabis Delivery in Ottawa | Best Value Buds

cannabis delivery in ottawa with a box opening full of weed

If you live in Ottawa, you have plenty of options for cannabis delivery and pot shops. So why choose an online dispensary?

Choice of Weed Strains

At HotGrass we have over 200 strains of cannabis for you to choose from, and 380+ products in general. If you haul your butt down to a local Ottawa dispensary, you’ll find a limited selection that might not be to your liking; cannabis delivery means you get exactly what you’re after. We have famous strains like Black Diamond, Granddaddy Purple and BC God Bud, but also some more niche strains like Super Mario, Apple Jacks, and Hawaiian Snow.

Easy Weed Delivery

When you buy weed online from a dispensary, you can look through the entire menu, weigh up the benefits of each strain, prices, ratings, effects, and deals all from the comfort of your own home. As the country’s capital, Ottawa cannabis delivery is smooth thanks to the infrastructure in place.

Discreet Packaging

It’s 2022 and you live in Canada, but for whatever reason you still might not be comfortable with everyone knowing you smoke weed. Maybe you have judgmental friends or family, a strict work environment that wouldn’t look favourably on you smoking dope, or are part of a religion which doesn’t partake of the leaf. Your reasons are your own business, but you might not want to be spotted strolling into a Value Buds. With cannabis delivery, you can have whatever you like delivered to Ottawa in discreet, smell-proof packaging that looks like any other mail order.

Most Pot Shops Don’t Do Cannabis Delivery in Ottawa

You might find an incredible cannabis dispensary with a sexy website and slick looking packaging. They have a postcode locator or a “find cannabis store near me” section and you get excited. Then you realise that A) they don’t have a dispensary near you or B) they don’t deliver and you’re going to have to make your way down there.

Online Mail Order Marijuana Sell in Bulk

When you buy from an online dispensary you can get bulk cannabis delivery to Ottawa and your neighbours think you just got a nice new jacket when a big puffy package shows up. Brick and mortar headshops are less inclined to sell you so much bud. When you buy bulk weed you can save a bundle and stock up in case, for example, the city of Ottawa gets shut down by hooting truckers, just as a hypothetical. Or, you know, a blizzard. At HotGrass you can buy weed in bulk and the more you buy the more you save.

Support Small Businesses

A lot of big money corporations have busted their way into the cannabis industry, opening chain pot shops that sell cheap bud in an effort to drive all the competition out of business. When have a monopoly on the cannabis market and all of the little guys like HotGrass are out of business, these corporate stoners will slowly edge the price of bud sky high while you remain decidedly low, and poor. You’ll then have no alternative place to buy bud, but if you get weed delivered to Ottawa instead of supporting the Amazon of green, you help some plucky stoners just like you of live their dream.

Why Choose HotGrass?

HotGrass is based in British Columbia, where we grow huge amounts of BC bud. BC bud is known worldwide as some of the finest on the planet. 76% of surveyed Canadians believe BC weed ranked in the top 3 provinces in Canada, ranking above any other province. HotGrass has a solid reputation for price, quality, and service.