Cannabis Tinctures and how to use them

February 29, 2020

by Admin_M

Cannabis Tinctures

5 Reasons you should try them today


Anyone that’s bought cannabis online or in a store in Canada has likely come across cannabis tinctures. Packaged in small dropper bottles and available in various strains just like dried cannabis flower, cannabis tinctures are one of the main forms of cannabis currently available for recreational consumption. Originally produced to cater to the medical cannabis market, cannabis tinctures are a type of liquid made from extracting cannabis from plant matter using alcohol. This results in a thick, gooey substance with the main compounds of cannabis – THC and CBDCannabis tincture is a distinct form of cannabis that more people are trying since recreational legalization, which is unsurprising considering the various advantages they offer! Let’s take a closer look at why are such a great form of cannabis to consume:

Smoke-Free Way to Consume Cannabis 

Cannabis tinctures were first used as forms of medical cannabis, namely because it offers a completely smoke-free way to consume cannabis. The heat of the smoke produced from burning cannabis is damaging to the respiratory system, possibly contributing to long-term health issues. Because cannabis tincture is a liquid, you don’t need to smoke anything to get high, instead applying it below the tongue using a process called sublingual administration. This means no risk of damage like with smoking weed, allowing users a healthier way to get high.

Simple to Administer 

Taking tincture sublingually sounds complex but couldn’t be easier. All tinctures are sold in dropper bottles, so you just simply add a few drops of the liquid under the tongue and wait for the effects to arrive. You can easily control doses with this too, adding a drop or two at a time and waiting to see how you feel. Not everyone is familiar with traditional ways to smoke cannabis. You need a grinder, papers for joints or a bong, pipe, or vaporizer. This all takes time and it is more difficult to be discreet.

Controlled Doses 

Smoking weed is time-consuming but can also lead to taking too much of a dose. It’s harder to control how much you take, especially because the effects take several minutes to hit, leading many people to get uncomfortably high. With tincture, just apply a few drops, see how you feel, and then take more as needed. The effects are instant. Unlike smoking or vaping, it’s very easy to control how much you take to ensure the high is relaxing and enjoyable, rather than overwhelming.

Discreet Way to Consume Cannabis 

While recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, not everyone wants to broadcast their cannabis use. Tinctures are perfect in this regard, as they come in a small dropper bottle that doesn’t look like anything of note, unlike a joint or vaporizer. They also don’t carry that strong fragrance as dried flower, which smells pungent even when it’s not being smoked, allowing users a discreet way to take cannabis. You can take it out in public and apply a few drops without anyone noticing, while it won’t be obvious to kids, neighbours, and anyone else you don’t want to know about your cannabis use.






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