Let Cannabis Take You on the Best Vacation in Canada

June 27, 2022

by Ma Raim

Planning a vacation this year? Cannabis can help you to make the most of your vacation in Canada, so you can take some time for yourself to relax.

Things to Know Before You Go

If you’re travelling out of province or out of the country, there are a few things to consider when it comes to cannabis:

  • Know the laws around cannabis in the place you are travelling to
  • Don’t carry cannabis with you when you travel—yes, even if it is legal in both places
  • If weed is legal in the area you’re travelling to, research where to purchase reputable weed before you leave

Cannabis-Friendly Vacations/Pot Spots in Canada

New Amsterdam Cafe, Vancouver, BC

For nearly 20 years, New Amsterdam Café has entertained cannabis lovers worldwide. The cafe offers coffee, baked goods, and on-site vape rentals. However, you must bring your own cannabis. Check out the nearby cannabis stores to find your favourite BC bud.

Hotbox Lounge, Toronto, ON

Under Abi Roach’s determined leadership, HotBox Lounge is Toronto’s first legal cannabis consumption lounge. It’s located in Toronto’s vibrant Kensington Market and is the perfect place to hang out and smoke a joint. Unfortunately, due to cannabis regulations, food is no longer sold.

Rolling Greens, Smith Falls, ON

The world’s first cannabis-themed golf club is a serene green spot for feeling your fore-twenty. Golf novices take heart: the site also boasts glow-in-the-dark evening mini golf and disc golf, with plans to open a drive-in movie theatre, amusement rides, and concert grounds in the coming year.

Looking for other ways to find fun, legal things to do in a new city? Cannabis High Tours can help you find unique and exciting things to do in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, and Ottawa. They’ve even gone online with a variety of virtual workshops.

Cannabis and Camping

Cannabis is a great way to connect with nature. While cannabis consumption is allowed in Canadian Parks, there are some regulations you should be aware of. Notably, no smoking in campsite common areas, including playgrounds, kitchen shelters, washrooms, trails, or roads.

A guy vaping cannabis on vacation in Canada beneath mountains

Of course, rules and regulations vary between provinces, so check the rules before you go (as well as the rules of the specific campsite to be safe).

Find other cannabis-friendly places to stay with Bud and Breakfast.

How Cannabis Can Help You Make the Most of Your Vacation

Whether travelling far, staying close to home or planning a staycation, cannabis can help you make the most of your vacation.

De-Stress and Relaxation

One of the main goals of taking a vacation is to de-stress from work and other life stressors and give yourself time to relax.

Several studies support the use of cannabis for stress. A 2020 study on rats given cannabis for a month resulted in the subjects being less reactive to stressful stimuli. A similar 2011 study found CBD was also effective in managing acute stress.

Studying stress response in humans is less straightforward because we cannot induce a stress response. Still, we can look at research on social anxiety. A 2011 study found CBD reduced social anxiety associated with public speaking. And a 2010 study found CBD reduced anxiety based on individuals’ subjective anxiety scores. Brain scans during this study found that the reduction in anxiety results from changes in blood flow in the limbic and paralimbic brain areas responsible for emotional regulation and the stress response.

Find your perfect strain and allow yourself to relax during your vacation.

Best Cannabis Strains for Relaxation

A person connecting with nature smoking cannabis on Vacation in Canada by a huge mountain

Connect with Nature

Cannabis can make people feel more open and enhance creativity and creative thinking. So, using cannabis in nature can help people feel more connected to the world around them.

Connection with nature promotes mental wellness and physical health. Getting outside, breathing fresh air, and moving our bodies helps to regulate our nervous system and nourish our bodies. But it can be hard to disconnect our thoughts from the daily stressors and our waiting to-do list; cannabis can help. Cannabis can help us let go of stress and refocus on reconnecting with nature and ourselves.

Safe and Thoughtful Outdoor Cannabis Consumption and Etiquette

Consuming cannabis outdoors when camping, hiking, exploring, or relaxing at the beach is a great way to connect with nature and ourselves. But when we are consuming outdoors, there are few things to consider regarding safety.

Heat and Fire

During the hot, dry summer months, it’s important to consider heat and the use of fire.

If you’re smoking, discard your joints appropriately to avoid fires.

Some other considerations when it comes to heat:

  • High temperatures may impact the effective use of your vape pen; keep in a cooler, darker place while outside if possible.
  • High temperatures can impact the integrity of your edibles (yep, they’ll melt). So, keep your edibles in a cooler.

A campfire next to a lake in Canada

Leave No Trace

Pack out your trash, no matter what it is. This also applies to cannabis products, even if they’re biodegradable.

Be Considerate of Others

At campsites, it’s prohibited to smoke in common areas, but this is also just good etiquette for thoughtful consumption. Apply this to the trails or the beach as well. Consider who is around you before lighting up outdoors.

Bring Extra Water

Cannabis will make you feel more dehydrated, so make sure you have an extra water supply during your outdoor adventures.

If you spend lots of time outdoors, you may want to consider a water filtration pump (like a water straw) for emergencies.

Know Where You Are

It can be nice to light up a joint at your campsite or the beach, and in these cases, you don’t have to worry about where you are because you likely aren’t going anywhere. But consider a safe way to get home from the beach, or where to get help at your campsite.

If you’re planning to adventure away from your campsite or are going hiking, make sure you follow the trail and pay close attention to landmarks to find your way back. You might want to consider bringing a map and/or GPS.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis can help you get out of your head to reconnect with yourself and with nature when you’re on vacation in Canada. Buy your favourite strain and take some time for yourself this summer.

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