CBD for anxiety relief and better sleep

February 5, 2020

by Admin_M

CBD for Anxiety and Sleep

A recent landmark survey of thousands of CBD users demonstrates that it is effective at improving general health and quality of life.

Project CBD, a California-based educational non-profit, recently released the results of a yearlong survey of more than 3500 CBD users from around the world. The participants evaluated CBD’s impact on six quality-of-life measurements:

  • Pain
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Physical function
  • Energy
  • Ability to socialize

The results of which make it clear, users find it to be safe and effective in managing pain and anxiety resulting from a range of underlying diseases and conditions.


Most users are consuming hemp-derived CBD in the form of tinctures or topicals and use it to treat pain, improve mood or sleep, or for general wellness.

General Feedback

Almost 90 percent taking CBD for pain reported an improvement; 60 percent said it made them feel “much better.” CBD dramatically improved quality of sleep across the board, while 68 percent of respondents using CBD for anxiety said that it made them feel “much better.” CBD appears to be best at relieving anxiety, regardless of what condition you have. This is an important distinction because a lot of conditions are associated with anxiety. For example, pain contributes to anxiety and so does a lack of sleep. For further information the full 50 page report is available at projectcbd.org.

How to start

If you want to use CBD to help manage your anxiety and help you sleep, we recommend beginning with CBD in its pure form, as CBD isolate. This granular powder is easy to add to a smoothie, your morning coffee, or even a face cream. You can easily increase or decrease the dose to suit your needs. In the evening, a warm water/lemon/honey drink with 1/8thof a teaspoon of isolate will calm your nerves and send you into blissful slumber.






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