Chronic Christmas Cheer Deals Are Here

December 15, 2020

by Ma Raim

It’s our favourite of the high holidays! There’s green everywhere, flecked with crystal, and piney scents. We've planned a few Christmas deals as we know it’s the perfect time to stay inside, get all blazed and cosy, eat and be merry.

To get in the spirit, we’ve dropped some prices so you can give the gift of green this year. We’re offering the cheapest ounces in Canada from $69, $5 each on our shrooms, a whole pound of weed for $175. Warning: enjoying these products on Christmas Day may result in a newfound appreciation for Home Alone 2 resulting in prolonged giggs in front of relatives.

Keep reading for all the good stuff we have available or jump straight into our sale section.

Holiday Bonus Deals!

First up, to spread the joy we've introduced these new Christmas bonus offers for a limited time.

  • All orders get a 50mg edible sample
  • All orders over $300 get a free gift worth $15
  • All orders over $500 get a $40 free gift
  • Have a friend mention that you referred them in their order and get a free $60 evolve vape pen.

Christmas Crackers

There’s a stocking stuffer for every stoner: vapes and edibles reduced site-wide plus heavy-hitting savings on concentrates.

chronic christmas chocolate


Chronic Christmas Chocolates

Our THC-infused Chronic Christmas Chocolate Bars are the perfect gift for any sweet-toothed stoner this high holiday. Each bar is individually sealed with a weed-themed Christmas card. Give them to your friends and watch them light up.

Rosin Peanut Budder Chocolates

Indica concentrates in their most delicious form. If you have someone special in your life, treat them to a trip with this chronic Christmas confectionary.

Pure CBD Isolate $180oz

99% pure CBD. This pure crystalline powder is CBD in its most concentrated form. One of our best deals this Christmas, reduced from $700.

Nerds Rope – Blueberry $25

Our highly delicious edibles are all currently on sale.

Premium Shatter $350 oz

Incredibly potent distilled THC reduced from $500.

Shatter By Platinum Vape Cartridge 1g – Grape $30

One of our range of vapes, all of which are currently on sale.

Benefits for Friends

Follow us on Instagram and hit us up to get a free edible sample pack! 150mg of stoner sweets.

Cheapest Ounces in Canada

Pick up some of our festive favourite ounces for under 100 bucks.

Door Crasher! Death Bubba Ounces AA+ - $60

Our biggest Holiday deal: $60 ounces of Death Bubba, no purchase limit! Usual price $180! Sweet hashish flavours with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee.

Grower’s Loss - $69

The name says it all: this indica sells at a loss, to your gain.

Sweet Zkittlez AAA+ - $89oz

An elite clone of Zkittlez mixed with a specially selected Grape Ape clone that’s usually $190.

Black Tuna AAA+ - $99

A balanced hybrid with a funky smell that doesn’t do justice to the beautiful taste.

Island Pink Kush AAA+ - $99

A sweet indica-dominant hybrid with a potent aroma and eye-catching colouring.

Grape Ape AAAA - $99

As heavy as the name suggests: tasty, unforgettable indica with a fruity flavour.

King Tut AAA $89oz

Tutankhamon (AKA King Tut) is a pokey sativa strain with a skunky scent.

Critical Kush AAA $79oz

The heaviest of hitters is back in the dispensary.

Granddaddy Purple AAA $79oz

This IS your granddaddy's weed - if granddad laughed a lot and fell asleep smiling.

Master Kush AAA $79oz

An Amsterdam original, now popular in Canadian pot stores.

Best Bulk Bud

Stock up and lockdown with these bulk order Christmas deals that’ll see you through the whole winter... Or at least a mid-level movie marathon.

best bulk bud

Premium Shake - $100 per ½ pound/$175 per pound

If you’re more of a constant consumer than a connoisseur, you won’t find more bud for your buck than this shake mix. Our premium trim delivers all kinds of surprises.

Sensi Star AAA+$625 per ½ pound

Premium - renowned for its full-body effects and benefits on the mind.

Cherry Diesel AA+ - $500 per ½ pound

A well-balanced hybrid to settle you into a nice productive state with sweet aromas of cherry and lime.

Grape Nana AAA+ - $720 per ½ pound

Sells by the ounce, quarter and half pound. This beautiful familial successor to the Grape and Banana strains is a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid. Calms the mind and warms the body.

Charlotte’s Web - $270 per ½ pound

High CBD, minimal THC. It’s effective at treating pediatric seizure disorders, pain, muscle spasms, and headaches. The overall effect is entirely physical, with no intoxication, even in children and first-time users.

$5 Magic Mushrooms

Are shrooms are currently on sale and available to try starting at $5 per gram.

Golden Teacher Mushrooms

A thought-provoking, philosophical trip in addition to the body high and visuals associated with other cubensis strains.

Penis Envy Mushrooms

A potent shroom strain that’s known to have a higher amount of Psilocin and Psilocybe. Contains more of the ‘magic’ than other Psilocybe Cubensis strains.

Blue Meanies

The high is peaceful and colourful but still manages to be among the smoothest mushroom experiences you can get.

Mexican Magic Mushrooms

Often considered more potent than other varieties offering true mind-bending experiences and visuals once you hit a certain level.

Our sale includes any of these shrooms hand-dipped in white or milk chocolate. Get yourself a Christmas treat here.

Thank you for supporting Hot Grass over the last year and have an incredible Christmas! It’s been a strange year and we hope our products have taken the edge off just a little bit. You can shop for these and all of our Christmas deals at our online pot store here. See how low things go around Black Friday too!








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