Edibles Recipe: The Easiest Weed Brownies Ever

January 13, 2021

by Ma Raim

Sup stoners, today we’re talking edibles. Brownies are an old favourite, pretty much the staple as far as edibles go. You might have considered making them before and found it easier to just buy or been scared off as you’re not a baker. I guarantee, this is the easiest weed brownie recipe ever! We’re going to cheat and use instant brownie mix, skip a step which doesn’t seem all that important and add an easy flavour enhancer.

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What You Need for Brownie Edibles

Why Betty Crocker? I’m from the UK, where we don’t have weed stores, online dispensaries, or fun. I’ve always used Betty Crocker to make edibles in Canada and back home. However, whatever instant brownie mix you prefer to use won’t affect the quality. This is a loose recipe, but edibles really are all about winging it.

The Method

When baking edible brownies, one thing which turns people off is a big scary word: decarboxylation. This is where you heat up the weed for a certain amount of time to turn the THCA into THC. When you smoke this happens instantly, but that’s not the case with edibles. People use the oven or microwave or even a sous vide method to do this. In my opinion, you just have to cook the weed into the butter for 30 minutes and can avoid all those other ways.

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Preparing the Cannabutter

The method I’ve used for this in the past is to put your stove on the lowest heat setting and heat up a non-stick pan. Add the butter and wait for it to melt. It shouldn’t sizzle beyond the initial drop into the pan, if it keeps sizzling your heat is too high. You want to warm the butter for 30 minutes and if it’s too hot it’ll burn.

When the butter has first melted, add in your ground-up bud and mix it all up. Throw on some music or a podcast (optional) and monitor the cook for 30 minutes. Stir it at times to keep it from sticking or drying up. If the butter starts to dissipate you can add more. What’s happening here is all the goodness in the weed gets cooked into the butter so it takes effect when you eat it.

After 30 minutes you can use a fork to separate the bud from the butter. The THC will have been cooked out of the bud so it can be thrown away. You can leave it in if you’re feeling lazy – it won’t do you any harm but may slightly affect flavour and texture.

The Cook

Preheat the oven and add your mixture into a large bowl. Substitute half the oil/butter the recipe directs with your cannabutter. Add in your marshmallows or other additional flavourings – fudge, chocolate chips, nuts, peanut butter.

Stir well. This is the most important part of the whole recipe. If all of your cannabutter goes into one brownie…

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Place the mixture into a buttered pan and cook at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Notes on Edibles

The last time I made these edibles, I left the planet. You're in for a great ride. Fair warning. My advice is, no matter how delicious they are or how high you think your tolerance is, only have one. I had 2-3 and it was just way too much. Give them 2-3 hours to kick in too. Don’t try to top it up by eating or smoking more until you’re sure the high has peaked and you can handle more.

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You may want to keep some regular brownies on hand, as well as other snacks, so you aren’t tempted to keep eating the pot brownies. That’s a bad call in my experience.

Let us know how you get on with this edibles recipe and if there’s a stoner dish you would like us to cook up next. If you’re looking for the best cheap weed delivery, you’re in the right place. You can buy weed, medical marijuana, edibles, vapes and more, shipped to anywhere in Canada from our dispensary here. We've explored a bunch more weed recipes too. Until next time, eat responsibly.


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