First Time Smoking Weed? Best Weed for Beginners in Canada

August 12, 2022

by Ma Raim

Your first time smoking weed should be dipping your toe in the water, not being thrown in the deep end. You want to see what it’s all about without being scared off this highly beneficial plant due to one bad experience. We’re here to help. We’ve curated this list of the best weed for beginners to help you try a nice gentle high on your first time.  Here are some of the best beginner strains you can get in Canada.

What makes a beginner weed strain?

Beginner weed strains are the ones which let you get a sense of what smoking dope is all about without taking things too far. Most adults can remember one of their earliest experiences with alcohol that ended badly. The good thing about cannabis is it likely won’t lead you to anywhere near the disastrous places that necking ten shots of whisky at your 17th birthday party did. When you’re new to any substance, you don’t understand your tolerance and need some experience to test your limits.


God’s Gift

God’s Gift is an uplifting and giggly strain which will give a pleasant body high but not lock you to the sofa.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is not only suitable for beginners but is on the most popular cannabis strains in Canada. We did a write up on its many benefits, but to be really concise, it’s a sativa-leaning strain with enough indica in it to give you a great head high and make you sociable without any jitters or anxiety.

OG Kush

OG Kush has huge name recognition. You may have heard of it even as a beginner cannabis user. It’s another sativa-leaning hybrid but lacks the “mindrace” that some new weed smokers might find too intense.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is an excellent choice if you’re smoking weed for the first time. It’ll settle your anxiety about the experience and mellow out your whole body to show you what a dreamy high feels like.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a lights-out strain for many people. It’s incredibly popular among new smokers and old tokers. Try this one in the evening or on a day you have no plans as it may lock you to the sofa.

Cannabis edibles for beginners

Edibles are not generally recommended for beginners, as once they hit, there’s no getting off the ride. Smoking or vaping cannabis gives you much more control over your experience. With smoking, it’s unlikely the effects will keep building up too much once you feel them.

If it’s your first time, you don’t want to try an edible with more than 10 mg of THC.

Friends smoking weed together for the first time

Photo by Zane Bolen on Unsplash

Tips for your first time smoking weed

Have someone on hand who can roll a joint, as your first time smoking weed shouldn’t be with a sad blunt that falls apart.

I got super baked solo the first time. It’s best to do it alongside an experienced friend if you think it might not agree with you or you’re nervous.

Start slow and up your dose. After a couple of hits, give it 15 minutes to see how the experience is sinking in before smoking more. Some strains can sneak up on you.

Keep some CBD-only cannabis or gummies on hand. CBD can help if the effects are too intense and you want to lessen your high.

How was your first experience with cannabis? We want to hear about it!





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