Ghost Train Haze: The Best Strains of Weed

May 30, 2022

by Ma Raim

The Ghost Train Haze strain has been gathering speed on its ghoulish track for a long time, now one of the most popular in Canada. It’s a sativa cross of Ghost OG and Neville's Wreck. This is a solid strain for creatives. If you're a medicinal patient, this dose will ease your pain, lift your mood, keep you focused, and stoke the fires of your appetite. If you suffer from anxiety or tend to get paranoid when you smoke a sativa strain, this one might not be the best to go with unless you have something to counter these symptoms. It has up to 18% THC.

Ghost Train Haze Strain Effects

Ghost Train Haze is an excellent strain if you need to get a project finished. The train delivers focus, contentment, and a boost in mood. Some of our regulars who swear by this strain use it to finish up assignments or study. Medicinal tokers report relief from feelings of helplessness, low mood, poor appetitive, and physical pain. If you struggle with paranoia or anxiety, in general or when you smoke, you may want to pass on this puff, or have some CBD on hand to counteract these effects.

Appearance, Flavour, and Scent

Some fans of Ghost Train report a taste and hit like hot sauce, with citrusy notes and a lemon flavour on the exhale. Think of a really great paella… without the seafood. A few reviewers find the spicy herbal flavour slightly addicting. If you’re into spicy food, you’ll love this.

Smoke Summary

I took a big hit of Ghost Train to test if this really is a banger for creatives. I tried it and wrote an article, which turn out half bad. I then did a painting, and I got super into it. I was locked in to the project. The high could have been affected by the paint thinner I was using in an unventilated room, but we live and learn. It also made my body feel incredible despite sitting and painting for a few hours. I then had a big dinner and grazed for a while, so it’s a long-lasting high that should make you want to munch. I’m usually prone to anxiety and could feel it would have pulled me that way if I’d gone any harder, but I was at a nice level.

Ready to try it?

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