How to Consume Hash the Definitive Guide

February 28, 2020

by Admin_M

The Best Way to Consume Hash

Cannabis oil is more popular than ever and is being used by a lot more people. Hotgrass has found out that many medical marijuana patients living in Canada prefer the cannabis oil to the cannabis hash, although there are premium brands like Tesla Afghani Hash. Many may have heard about hash, but do not understand much about it.

For hash, there are numerous ways you can consume the extract of cannabis, lets go through some popular methods!

The Sketchy Pole Method

Hash smoking has been known around the Middle East and Europe for centuries now, but most of the world are just catching up. Immediately the medical marijuana movement began in America, it spread to Montreal in Canada, the rest of the country and the rest of the world.

This method is loved by a lot of hash smokers, as it makes it easy to smoke hashish. Hash is similar to the dried flowers and the cannabis oil in terms of its therapeutic effects.

This method involves using a straw to suck the hash smoke through it. To the end of a paper clip, add the hash, then light it up by a little. Take your straw closer and slurp on the smoke.

You can thank me later with hash marijuana.

No! Just kidding!

Off to the next method.


The Hot Knives Method

This can also be used to inhale the Shatter or dried flowers or cannabis oil. Though this is easy, you need to be careful.

What shall it profit you to burn yourself for the smoke? This method involves heating two butter knives, then adding a little hash on one of the knives, before using the other knife on top of the former knife. Use your straw to puff away. Ensure you do not do the inhaling close to the heat source.

For me, I advise you leave this method.

Scared chicken? You are thinking.

Bottle Hits

This method involves a cigarette and a bottle. Make a hole at the bottle’s bottom, and try to move the cigarette into the hole. Place your hash on the cigarette and strike a match to light it. You mustn’t use a match stick. You can opt for a lighter or even two stones, as far as tiny fire comes out.

Stick the cigarette with the hash into the bottle and allow them burn out. Ensure the bottle is covered properly to trap the smoke. After that, inhale with a large whiff.


THC Vaporizers & THC Vapes

Like other marijuana products such as dried herbs and cannabis oil, you can use the vape pen for the hash oil and hash. Those pens can easily be bought at Hotgrass. The vaporiser will come with its instructions. Follow it, and you are good to go. I would always go for this option. It is faster and easier to use. It comes with class. Maybe I am lazy. Maybe not, but I won’t give up my vaporizer for anything in the world.

Or would I?

The Glass Tee Pee Method

This is for when you need a stronger whiff. Your aim is to move the smoke into a glass. Get a cigarette, and stick a pin into it, while in that position, move the cigarette into the glass, with the pin still in it, and place on your hash on it.

Light the hash, and try to trap the smoke in the glass. After that, ready yourself for a strong whiff.

Whatever method you decide to use, use only the best variant of hash and its oil from Hotgrass or your local trusted dispensary. We recommend a true Afghani Hash for the best taste and most potent high.






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