Marijuana for Moms

May 6, 2020

by Admin_M

In areas where the use of marijuana and its embodiments have been legalized and accepted socially, more moms are using marijuana and its various incarnations to tackle lots of things – from the daily motherhood stress, depression, and anxiety, to menstrual cramps. Giving room for the expansion and acceptance of the industry.

More cannabis products have emerged due to the demands of these marijuana-friendly mothers – drops, oils, drinks, and sprays are notable ones. This has brought about a sort of social change in motherhood and marijuana – with mothers who take marijuana having to explain the main reason behind their marijuana consumption when there are questioned on the subject.

Moms Using Marijuana

In recent times, there has been more cannabis use by mothers because it’s becoming legal and the socially acceptable. This has resulted in a conversation on cannabis and breastfeeding, cannabis and pregnancy, parenting and cannabis, which are understandable, not notable before now.

The fastest spreading product in the mom’s circles is the tinctures and sublingual spray, a THC-infused ingestible liquid. This product activates within 60 seconds of intake (put the liquid under the tongue), and the high is short lived. The product was primarily produced to reduce the postpartum depression, hence, safety and mitigation of overdose were put into consideration during production.

The CMO of Mother and clone made it known that Nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and paranoia are the basic symptoms of overconsumption of the product.

Cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures produced by WB Traditional, can be used to control pain relief. CBD is more predictable than smoking and edibles, and its nausea and depression combating ability is one of the sole reasons why mothers are seen as viable clients.

This product is effective for mitigating breast cancer pains, breastfeeding-related ailments, and osteoarthritis. Hence, it has made advocacy initiatives consider parents (especially moms) as a client. The initiatives are of the opinions that this cannabis-related product is effective, mostly when taken in low concentration than the regular pain relief medications.

The major stumbling stone in the acceptability of cannabis-related products (either sublingual spray or CBD) is the hesitation of the psychiatrist and physicians. They vehemently argued that studies have shown that cannabis exposure through breastfeeding may cause changes in the behavioral and mental health of the child.

Postpartum Depression and Cannabis

Using marijuana products to treat postpartum depression and anxiety is not medically allowed. Nehama Dresner, a professor of psychiatry and obstetrics and gynecology, is of the opinion that though cannabis-related products are not truly sufficient to treat a postpartum depression case.

With the stand of the medical professionals, the use of cannabis-related products to treat several ailments and depression (postpartum) is gaining momentum amidst parents. THC and CBD being the major products in this case.



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