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Online weed delivery Vancouver with a mail order package

Vancouver is the perfect city for Canadian cannabis lovers. So, naturally, weed delivery in Vancouver is smooth and simple. When you just can’t face the Van City rains or are hungover on a sunny day, you can sit back and order a plethora of cannabis products straight from your phone. Mail-order marijuana is fast, convenient, and discreet.

Online Marijuana Dispensaries in Vancouver

With so much great food, culture, and an annual 420 festival, Vancouver is a regular stoner holiday destination – or a place to settle. You can get blazed and have your mind bent at science world or broadened at the Vancouver International Film Festival. You can hit edibles in any of the forests around Vancouver and get back in touch with nature. You can roll one and take a stroll down Granville, Main, through Gastown or along the sea wall and never run out of spots to hit up for delicious food when you have the munchies. Wig out in an escape room. Chill on the beach. Walk the city and look for a movie set.

With so much to do, it’s no wonder that weed delivery in Vancouver has become just one more of the city’s perks. You can order concentrates, edibles, vapes, flower, even shrooms, and get them the same day.

Same-Day Online Weed Delivery in Vancouver

With a huge cannabis culture, Vancouver is home to a number of quality marijuana dispensaries, but buying weed online is becoming more and more popular. With a competitive market, why go out to a brick-and-mortar weed dispensary when you can order same-day delivery for a great price?

At HotGrass, we offer same-day cannabis delivery for free to Vancouver, North Van, West Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, and a number of other surrounding cities.

Online Cannabis Delivery is Discreet

While Vancouver is one of the most green-friendly cities in the world, there are still some here who haven’t converted to chronic. While it shouldn’t be the case, there are people – teachers, landlords, colleagues, family members – who might make life difficult for you if they label you a stoner.

When you buy weed online in Vancouver, it’s shipped through Canada Post or delivered by a fully vetted driver. The envelope will be smell proof. No one knows what you’ve bought and you don’t need to go to a pot store or physical marijuana dispensary.

Why Buy Vancouver Weed? Finding The Best Value Buds

You can buy so much weed in Vancouver, and British Columbia in general, because there’s so much surrounding farmland. While the city is a booming metropolis, just a thirty minute drive will lead you to rolling fields, huge farms, and agricultural factories: the ideal locations for growing marijuana in Canada.

The rain, rivers, and glaciers feed the soil all around Vancouver, so there are plenty of pot farms growing massive yields each year. This means that cheap weed is abundant in Vancouver, as the supply outweighs the demand.

At HotGrass, we offer mail-order weed to all of Canada, as well as same-day delivery here in Vancouver – and we hope we’ve given you a sense as to why. The city is a wonderful place to be for marijuana enthusiasts, growers, dispensaries, and medicinal patients. If you found this useful, see our posts on why we think you should choose HotGrass over Canna Cabana or weed delivery in Ottawa.