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RSO PhoenixTears - 1 ml

4.64 out of 5

RSO PhoenixTears - 1 ml


4.64 out of 5

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RSO PhoenixTears - 1 ml

RSO Phoenix Tears 1 ml from
4.64 out of 5


Earn 50 points upon purchasing this product.

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LIT Holistic Oil is a plant based medicinal oil, hand crafted in small batches and lab tested. We work with trusted partners in sourcing our products in British Columbia to ensure the purest quality. Our Medicinal Oils are all lab tested with batch numbers and result with every syringe purchased.

RSO Phoenix Tears are another popular cannabis concentrate that is often called cannabis oil, Rick Simpson Oil, Jamaican hash oil, F.E.C.O (fully extracted cannabis oil), or run from the cure oil. Like CBDs, Phoenix Tears have medicinal benefits for those with cancer, diabetes, skin conditions, infections, arthritis, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, ulcers, anxiety and depression. There are 3 main ways of consuming Phoenix Tears which by either ingesting it, adding it topically or vaporising it.

1ml Syringe

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  1. Terry Watson

    i have been giving my client phoenix tears for sleep and pain relief for the past month. up until now nothing else has worked and i refuse to let him start smoking. he eats a bit of tears about half hour before bed and he sleeps the night through thanks HotGrass for making Tears an affordable price!! As usual Hotgrass Rocks !!!

  2. Terry Watson

    very much liked the phoenix tears so much that i have several people wanted them too. they are a marvelous sleep aid and you wake up feeling refreshed with no hazy hangover like with sleeping pills. once again you ROCK HOTGRASS

  3. m

    This works wonders for my anxiety and panic disorder, and with small doses and easy use this is fantastic. it does have a very strong taste, but not in a bad way- its aromatic and earthy. I enjoy it !

  4. Ernie Fankhanel

    Great product

  5. kevin_ballin690

    The tear are very tasty and work wonders . I enjoyed .I’ll definitely order again

  6. Rob

    Great product.

  7. Carolyn Tate

    I can sleep at night – A very pleasant high, and thank-you for the price.

  8. Shaelene Lafosse

    Starting using RSO for chronic pain. I am impressed with the results. Thank you Hotgrass for making it readily available and at an amazing price

  9. SlabbDabzzz

    i tried this product , not really sure what to say here its ok . not one of my favss.but it does work.

  10. Joe Trottier

    It’s great. I have arthritis and it definitely works for pain

  11. Benoit charest

    Claire comme de l’eau de roche rien a voir avec le rso* distillées de cbd …vraiment bien pour tout les papy zero buzz encore une foi hotgrass ce surpasse par la qualité (jachette du cbd isoler ici)


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