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Sour Diesel - Sativa - AAAA

4.00 out of 5

Sour Diesel - Sativa - AAAA

Sativa  šŸž„   AAAA  šŸž„  

4.00 out of 5

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Sour Diesel - Sativa - AAAA

Sour Diesel Sativa marijuana nugget from
4.00 out of 5

Sativa  šŸž„   AAAA  šŸž„  

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

1 gram: $12.00 1/2 oz: $125.00 1 oz : $99.00 Sale Sour Diesel, sometimes called Sour D, is an invigorating sativa-dominant strainĀ named after itsĀ pungent,Ā diesel-like aroma. This fast-acting strain deliversĀ energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that have pushed Sour Diesel to its legendary status.Ā Stress,Ā pain, andĀ depression fade away in long-lasting relief that makes Sour Diesel a top choice among medical patients. This strainĀ took root in the early 90's, and it is believed to have descended fromĀ Chemdawg 91andĀ Super Skunk.

Sour Dieselā€™s energized and positive high makes it easy to see why the strain enjoys popularity across the United States. It has spawned popular and flavorful strains likeĀ Sour TsunamiĀ andĀ Sour JackĀ and inspired strains likeĀ NYC Diesel, which imitates its unique taste. Itā€™s as enjoyable in lively social situations as it is when used alone, and its combination of physical and mental effects makes it versatile enough to suit the userā€™s purpose.

Sour Diesel, sometimes abbreviated as Sour D, is an extremely popular strain, distinguished by the fuel-like chemical smell of its flowers. It has a mostly sativa head high with some subtle physical indica relaxation, making it popular among recreational and medical users alike. This is a potent strain, with a THC content that had been measured at between 20% and 25%.

Because the underground cannabis market of the 1980s and 90s operated without any kind of lasting documentation, the exact origins of Sour Diesel are not known. Although a definitive agreement on its original genetic makeup doesn’t exist, Sour Dieselā€™s popularity has made it the subject of much speculation. Some believe that true Sour Diesel was derived as a distinct phenotype of an original strain simply named Diesel. Others say that it was a phenotype ofĀ ChemdawgĀ that leaned more sativa than indica. Still others claim that it was a cross of Chemdawg andĀ Northern Lights, or perhaps Chemdawg, Northern Lights andĀ Skunk #1.

Sour Diesel has round, medium-sized buds with leaves that appear yellowish-green. Red hairs called pistils, structures that operate to catch pollen from male plants, contrast with the densely-packed leaves. When properly cured, the flowers are somewhat sticky — the dusting of trichomes is not as immediately obvious as it is on more resinous strains likeĀ White Widow. Nevertheless, breaking open buds reveals trichomes coating the insides of the dense flowers. The buds have an overpowering smell that, true to this strainā€™s name, is very similar to gasoline. The odor also has some hints of orange. Breaking open or grinding the buds intensifies this scent, and adds components of musk and pine sap. Sour Diesel has a notoriously harsh, acrid smoke that can cause users to cough or make their sinuses water. The smoke has a sour and vaguely skunky taste that may describe as unpleasant; on the exhale, the diesel and almost ammonia-like tang stings the palate and may linger for a long time afterward. Smokers trying to remain discreet should be warned that this is a very pungent strain whose odor can carry for quite a distance.

The high from Sour Diesel comes on users quickly in the form of a warm and pleasant head rush. An uplift in mood may be noticeable as well. Although Sour Diesel stimulates synaptic activity in the brain, the character of this head high is more spacey than intensely cerebral. Users may feel chatty if surrounded by others or somewhat introspective if enjoying the strain alone. For many, this soaring high is partially anchored by a slight feeling of physical relaxation. That said, a body stone that leads to full-on couchlock is rare. The sense of euphoria that comes with this variety may be helpful in treating some symptoms of mild stress, anxiety, or depression. Its tendency to lead to associative thinking may provoke a bit of creative inspiration. Fans of the strain also describe relief from troublesome aches and pains. Sour Dieselā€™s combination of mental and somatic effects may also make it a potent aphrodisiac in certain situations. As is common with many strong sativas, the altered mental state brought about by Sour Diesel may prove overwhelming for some, leading to paranoid, recursive thinking or a feeling of being generally ā€œout of controlā€ of oneā€™s thoughts or body. As such, users — especially those with a lower THC tolerance — should adjust their intake accordingly. Sour Diesel has an average-length high that lasts about 2 to 3 hours.




  • Diesel
  • Earthy
  • Pungent
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Creative
  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted
  • Energetic

  1. Michelle Jones

    Just tried this for the first time and is the best so far šŸ˜Š

  2. matt gatchell

    Not the best taste.

  3. hellpartysolo3

    this one is dope for this price
    100% worth
    4/5 weed for me overall but for this price it gets a 5 all fkn dayyy


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