Jorja Belcourt

March 26, 2022

The black cherry is good thank hotgrass again

For: Black Cherry – Indica Strain – AAA


March 25, 2022

Shane Vis

March 23, 2022

That one has some zippity doo da to it. Nice throat tickle too.

For: Chemdawg – Hybrid – AAAA

Ryan Goulet-Moore

March 23, 2022

One of the better AAAA ive purchased from the site.
A plesant hit (from bong) with a good strength high.

For: Divine Banana – Hybrid Strain – AAAA


March 21, 2022

nice tast and buzz robert johnson 03/21/22

For: HotGrass – 0.5 g Vape Tips


March 21, 2022

wonderful buzz and taste robert johnson march 21 2022

For: HotGrass – 0.5 g Vape Tips


March 21, 2022

nice taste good steady buzz robert johnson march21 2022

For: HotGrass – 0.5 g Vape Tips


March 17, 2022

This is some seriously good stuff if you’re an artist… It puts me into a deeply creative and introspective mood… Just don’t drink while you smoke, or you will wake up in the chair you were working in hours later.

For: Pink Kush (smalls) – Indica – AA

Peter McPherson

March 13, 2022

Most effective ingestible I’ve ever tried!! It is easy to dose accurately. (Distillate is more difficult to dose.)

For: CannaLean – THC Syrup Berry Blast – 1000mg

Ken Hollingum

March 9, 2022

Yo, whaddup HG Team.
Received my first order, solid packaging nothing damaged.
Decided to dip my fingers into some cake. Nice aroma, tight buds, yet most were smalls, but what does one expect for the price. Not complaining. It was a smooth smoke, and very much a cerebral high almost instantly. I’ll review each strain as I smoke.

For: Ice Cream Cake – Indica Strain – AAA