Jorja Belcourt

September 20, 2022

I love this stain it’s super good I love the smell

For: Black Cherry Soda – Hybrid – AAA – 1 Oz


September 12, 2022

Really good Hope you have it back soon

For: Tesla Afghani Hash


September 2, 2022

I prefer these over the lights out drops

For: ElixEarth – Lights Out Gummies – Blue Raspberry


September 2, 2022

Nice little product
I personally feel a bit to cloudy in the morning
I much prefer the gummies of the same brand

For: ElixEarth – Lights Out Chamomile THC/CBD Oil


August 22, 2022

Great taste buy all the time boomer

For: Blue Dream – Hybrid Strain – AAA


August 22, 2022

great taste nice high will buy again robert J

For: Lemon Sour Diesel – Hybrid – AA – 1 Oz


August 22, 2022

great taste worked well for sleep robert J

For: Bliss Edibles — Party Mix Gummies (375 mg)


August 21, 2022

We love this as a great go to strain. Burns nice and does not make you cough. It’s always on our shelf

For: Durban Poison – Sativa – AAA

Jorja Belcourt

July 19, 2022

I can’t wait try this stain . Can’t beat the prices

For: Critical Mass – Indica – AA


June 4, 2022

Very good strain at a good price

For: Apple Jacks – Hybrid Strain – AA