April 16, 2022

Bought an ounce. Smoked some. Strong head stone with body buzz. Excellent. Immediately bought another ounce.

For: Super Kush – Hybrid Strain – AAAA

Ken Hollingum

April 11, 2022

Cookies & Cream is a sleeper. Goes right to the head. Luvin’ it.

For: Cookies and Cream – Hybrid Strain – AAA


April 7, 2022

I usually really do not like indicas – they make me feel wrecked and I can’t do anything except eat too much… this Pink Kush though, is great stuff… bodily effects of an indica without those drawbacks, nice bit of sativa happiness and creativity in it… helps very much with pain, without anchoring me to a horizontal surface sans brain as indicas often do… we bought several ounces of the “smalls” and it came as a super dense little brick, it was so rich and so well vaccuum-packed! This stuff fluffs up like crazy though… really like smoking it, also made some lovely tea, honey, oil, and tincture with it… and you seriously can’t beat the price (plus the service and the weed here are both always great)

(ps… Pink Kush is particularly well suited to taking a sailboat up the Rideau and having an absolutely excellent time in spite of Murphy’s outboard and a boatload of other hairy issues)

For: Pink Kush (smalls) – Indica – AA

Ann Cognito

April 7, 2022

Smells green, kind of like a walk in a meadow after rain, and tastes like, well, just nice weed… fluffs up well, smokes pretty easy, works fairly quickly… happifying, creative, helps me with pain, CPTSD, etc… not much munchies, very effective but in a good way, never makes me feel wrecked… thoroughly enjoying smoking it, also made excellent tea, honey, oil, and tincture with it because we got a ridiculously good sale (thank you, Hotgrass folks, you’re always the cats pajamas!)

For: Blue Jelly – Hybrid Strain – AAAA

Ann Cognito

April 7, 2022

Pretty shade of green, smells lemony, tastes slightly lemony… smokes nicely… excellent in the morning to get going without getting zonked at all – really good bright high fairly quickly, works well for creativity and doing things… no couch potatoing, relatively little munchies (undermines the effects for me, and as I use weed mostly for pain, CPTSD, and related etc, that matters)… really can’t beat Hotgrass for quality, service, and good sales

For: Super Lemon Haze – Sativa – AAA

Samuel Dipietro

April 6, 2022

Medium to Large buds. Brown with lots of red hairs. Fresh. Looks like really good greenhouse weed. Nose is muted. Ash is dark, buzz is good. Smooth smoke. Great deal for two for one!

For: Northern Lights – Indica Strain – AAA

Jorja Belcourt

April 4, 2022

Thank you hot grass you never disappoint me this bud is good and tasty 😋 thank you again

For: Northern Lights – Indica Strain – AAA

Jean-Rodrigue Selma

March 30, 2022

Jorja Belcourt

March 26, 2022

The black cherry is good thank hotgrass again

For: Black Cherry – Indica Strain – AAA


March 25, 2022