Smoking Alone is the Best Way To Smoke Weed

August 6, 2020

by Ma Raim

I've always thought the best way to smoke weed is solo. This may be because that’s how I started out. We didn't have dispensaries at the time, so it wasn’t as easy to get blazed in a group. Now, smoking in a group setting is wonderful and I’ve had so many weird, stupid, hilarious times doing it. However, I still think there’s a lot to be said for hitting your favourite dispensary, rolling a blunt and settling in for some you-time. Due to COVID, you may be smoking alone anyway. Here's why that's not so bad.

Judging the Best Way to Smoke Weed

I've given this subject too much thought and it's clearly a subjective issue. You may reach some of the highest highs at a festival, or out with your friends, or at the movies. There may be some standout moments that just wouldn't happen if you were alone. But, for me, smoking cannabis has always been a route to peace and comfort. There are a lot of lows that could come from all of those other scenarios. Losing your buddies while blazed out of your mind at a festival could be a real buzz kill. Seeing a crown vic roll past and having to ditch your joint in fear is no fun. You see where I'm coming from? For me, solo smoking is the best all rounder.

Solo Smokers Eat What They Want

When you smoke in a group, your evening is steered on the whim of democracy. The group decides what goes on, and where to go, so you could end up in a place that’s going to mess with your vibe.

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This happens a lot when the munchies set in and you can’t decide what to eat. As our forefathers Harold and Kumar taught us, sometimes you want a particular food that’s really going to hit the spot. If you’re alone, you can consider all food possibilities at your leisure, construct an elaborate feast to satiate your particularly weird palette, and probably end up with a hefty bill from Skip the Dishes. In a group, you usually end up going with the majority vote, which could be fried chicken for the fifth night on the bounce.

Smoke Alone And Control The Screen

Legalisation has opened up a lot of options for those of use in Canada. You can hit the beach with your friends and roll in public, you can smoke outside a bar, you can dab away before a movie and no one can say anything. But when you’re back to basics and chilling at home, there can be a debate over what to watch.

Sometimes you’re keen for a movie, TV show, or perhaps your attention span will only stretch to YouTube. When you’re high, just any viewing experience won’t do. I once woke up after a heavy night on edibles, mouth dry as the Sahara, with twelve different tabs open on my laptop. I’d started an episode of Pokémon for a hit of nostalgia, moved on to Life of Pi, a Vine compilation, YouTube movie reviews, a conspiracy theory deep dive, and gotten halfway through the Mindhunter pilot before finally nodding off. Having this freedom is wonderful.

On the flip side, I’ve also been in a group where my friends voted to watch a horror movie with some serious abuse in it. I did not consider this movie mellow-indica-body-high-session appropriate. The bottom line: being the only one to choose what to watch is the best!

Enjoy Your Comfort Zone

In life, getting out of your comfort zone is important for so many reasons. However, a smoke session isn’t about leaving your comfort zone. When it’s time to relax, take the edge off, and ignore the world, weed is the one. If you hit it hard and get too baked, you’re in the perfect position to sleep it off.

Hitting a warm, relaxed indica and firmly entrenching yourself in your comfort zone is bliss. Choose the music, the reading material, what to watch, the food, the sleep schedule, or just sit there browsing your phone and laugh at how stupid everyone on social media looks through your elevated lens. When you smoke alone, you’re free to do as you please.

Are you convinced? What do you think's the best way to smoke weed? You can read more from us here, and if you’re looking to buy some weed online in Canada, shop here for plants, edibles, shatter, concentrates, and more.









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