The Best Places To Smoke Cannabis, Ranked

August 4, 2020

by Ma Raim

Finding a good spot to smoke up is like finding gold in a riverbed. Despite our stereotypes, all stoners are different. Some people are indoor stoners who prefer their indicas and like to lock in to the couch and play video games. Some are outdoor hybrids who like to get out in nature and talk about life. Others are energetic sativa-heads who love to social smoke. We all have our ways to blaze, but this is my take on the best places to smoke weed, ranked. Bear in mind that weed is legal here in Canada, so that will factor in.

girl smoking in the street

Smoking in the Streets

Dead last: smoking in the streets. Unfortunately, the streets have been a prominent place to smoke for a long time. Here in Vancouver, you can do it freely, but it’s still unpleasant. You don’t want to be enjoying a mellow, bubbly high and then step in dog mess or get into a philosophical hole about the plight of homeless people.

My friends and I once spent a day getting blazed, doing a walking tour and trying to find the best smoke spots in Vancouver. If you’re not in Canada then naturally the fear of getting caught is going to stop you from relaxing the way you should.


  • Versatility and adaptability.
  • Access to all the foods.
  • Pot stores and dispensaries (location dependent).


  • Unwanted guests.
  • Unpredictable.
  • Cold.
  • Judgmental sobers.

3/10, needs improvement.

Weed in the Woods

Next up: the woods. This one may be higher up the list for you hippie types, but it’s not for everyone. There are a few potential setbacks to having a relaxed smoke out in the forest.


  • You’re out in nature.
  • Greater peace of mind.
  • You’re away from mainstream society and all its wonderfully toxic people.
  • The experience is enhanced by weed, greenery, and no WIFI connection.


  • The woods can be unpredictable.
  • You could get lost.
  • Bears.
  • Sweet, non-blazed families out for a picnic.
  • Weird, chatty forest people.

5/10, a fun time if you don’t meet anyone else.

Smoking in the woods

Mary-Jane at the Movies

In a pre-Covid world, there was a beautiful place called The Movies. It was a perfect spot to smoke weed and settle in to ride out your high with some exceptional visual media.


  • The magic of cinema.
  • Engrossing high.
  • Snacks.


  • Having to walk home after 2-3 hours in a comfortable chair.
  • Other people.
  • Potentially trash film.

7/10, pretty golden if the movie holds up.

Stoned on the Sofa

You might not be as prone to paranoia as me, but when I overcook and prang out a little (occasionally) being somewhere I'm familiar with is always helpful. High CBD strains can help with this.

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There are very few surprises at home. You control the guest list, the tempo, the plans, the food. You can hit edibles, shatter, and concentrates without worrying about getting too baked in public. And, if it’s your place, you don’t have to leave the warm and find a way home at the end of the night either.


  • Everything’s in your control.
  • Get food brought to you.
  • Nap whenever you want.
  • Weed delivery.


  • Finding a way home if it’s not your place.

8/10, a safe choice but hard to fault.

Blunts on the Beach

The number 1 for me. Smoking on the beach is a relaxed balance between the out-in-nature feeling of the woods with the chill vibe of home. If you’re not lucky enough to live in Canada, the beach gives you clean lines of sight so you can see any unwanted friends coming. The sea, sand, and smokes will put you in a beautifully blissful state and if you’re with friends, life is good.


  • Idyllic scenery.
  • Sense of wellbeing.
  • Out in nature but still comfortable.


  • Public.

9/10, a solid all-rounder and a beautiful spot to kick back with a blunt.

Do you agree with my ranking? Hit us with any comments, observations, or if you think I missed a prime smoking location.

Wherever you are, stay safe, wash your hands, stay high.


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