What is Weed? Unlocking the Secrets of this Mysterious Plant

January 10, 2020

by Ma Raim

What is Weed?

Weed, or as it is better known, Cannabis Sativa, is one of those plants that is steeped both in history and mystique. Humans have cultivated, loved and used it for at least 8000 years. There are also conspiracy buffs who will tell you, with decisive authority, that it was cannabis, not an apple, that was the facilitator for Adam and Eve's fall from grace and expulsion from paradise. Did they find happiness? Sure. Knowledge? Evil? I’m not so certain; maybe, if you’re doing it wrong.

The Producers

We spoke with a few local cannabis professionals hoping to unlock some of the secrets in this amazing plant; perhaps it will garner a spot in your personal Eden.


The cannabis flower is quite simply a thing of beauty. Selective breeding has increased and enhanced its potency by a factor of at least 10 in the past 50 years. When purchasing look for “hand trimmed” vs “machine trimmed” buds. The trichomes and terpenes that are the soul of cannabis must be handled gently and dried slowly under optimal conditions to maintain maximum potency.

Trichomes hold the magic. They’re the resin-filled glands that grow on cannabis flowers. They are also the plant's first line of defence in the wild. They stink, taste bitter and they’re sticky, so they discourage animals and insects from eating them. Trichomes also produce the cannabinoids THC, CBD, THCA and at least 100 others. These little wonders have the magic-inducing effect on us homo sapiens.

Female Power

Women rule in the world of cultivation. Indoor growers perfect their strains with the healthiest mother plants then use the cuttings to grow identical female clones. Female plants are the flower producers and while Momma will only last about 8 months, that’s enough time for her to fill a grow with her productive daughters.

While the fan leaf is culturally popular and often used to advertise “green” or “weed,” it actually contains very little THC. Instead they are the photosynthesis powerhouse of the entire plant, soaking up the sun's rays and delivering them to the sugar leaves that encapsulate the bud.

Alluring Cannabis Aroma

Smell something? Those are terpenes: organic compounds floating into your nose and causing it to wrinkle or breathe the aromas even deeper. They are being actively researched and are thought to be the next therapeutic goldmine. For example, those citrus aromas found in strains like our Citrique contain limonene, a terpene noted for its stress relief and alertness-inducing effects.

Deep Roots

A final key ingredient to the wonder world of the cannabis plant is the root which, because of its status as a bioremediator, uptakes everything added to the soil. It’s important to source your cannabis carefully. Recklessly grown plants can and will suck up huge amounts of herbicides and fungicides. When you purchase from any mail-order marijuana dispensary, ensure that they have a close relationship with their growers and are willing to test any products they carry. We at HotGrass have an open-book policy on our weed, edibles and extracts, with the consumer's health and wellness as our number-one priority.

Happy Toking


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