Value Buds Vs HotGrass for Buying Weed in Canada?

May 27, 2022

by Ma Raim

Buying cannabis in Canada is quite the minefield, so we’re going to compare some of the best options, namely Value Buds and HotGrass. Both dispensaries sell cannabis at a similar quality and price, but we’ve noted some key differences in how each company is managed. The clearest difference is the weed buying process. Value Buds has brick-and-mortar locations while with HotGrass everything is done online. You may have to wait a day or so, but the effort you yourself have to put in is minimal: simply order for weed delivery and wait for the green to come to you. Bulk orders are no issues either, whereas Value Buds can’t offer bulk discounts.

Value Buds Customer Care Vs HotGrass

As a smaller, growing company, HotGrass can offer excellent customer service that focuses on the individual. Sure, Value Buds has more locations and more staff, but that means a lot of extra oversight to ensure good customer service. We appreciate our customers and understand their value.

hotgrass customer service feedback from fans

HotGrass is always available through multiple platforms to aid people with any queries, even if they just want to chat about strains. Customers aren’t just another ant in the hill. Your queries are answered by true stoners who can help you remotely, without you needing to return to the store you bought from if there’s an issue.

Support Small Canadian Businesses

Marcie Kiziak, B. Mgt., CPHR, SHRM-SCP, CEO of Nova Cannabis, Value Buds’ parent company, has done an incredible job of running and expanding a large corporation. But do all those titles scream relatability to the average cannabis fan?

Value Buds is owned by a corporate cannabis conglomerate. The business model is to sell as much weed as possible with razor-thin margins. This aims to push smaller budtenders like HotGrass out of business in order to monopolize the marketplace. You know how Disney basically owns everything now, so every major movie is a quip-filled PG13 action adventure? Think of that but with bud.

If you support the big business magnates of bud, that's what Value Buds represents. The weed won’t be cheap or high quality for ever, and the variety will shrink as prices rise. Once all the smaller cannabis dispensaries and MOMs like HotGrass are gone, the Walmart of weed will control the market, jack up the price, and we’ll all be smoking the Jurassic World of cannabis. There will be no alternative options.

Value Buds Doesn’t Offer Cannabis Delivery

When you want to try a new strain, you’ve got two major options in Canada these days. You can go online and see if your local Value Buds is open, then go on down there and hope they have that sticky icky in stock. Once you get down there you might come out, your hands full of bodacious bud, and bump into your boss. Suddenly they have a less than stellar opinion of you despite weed being legal in Canada. Now, this won’t apply to everyone, but plenty of us have had bosses who would judge their stoner employee while sipping on their red wine.

hotgrass shipping and packaging feedback from customers

Your other option is to choose from over 200 marijuana strains on HotGrass—400+ cannabis products in total—and have it sent straight to your home or work in discreet, smell-proof packaging. There’s also loads of branded and homemade edibles, concentrates, vapes, prerolls, and more.

HotGrass Cheap Weed Deals

Hotgrass is a one-stop-shop for weed delivery in Canada, Value Buds is not. The prices of cannabis are comparable, except when you factor in weekly deals with low-price ounces and the money you can save buying in bulk, you can actually get a much better deal at HotGrass. Value Buds does not offer bulk deals on cannabis.

Hotgrass products and deal feedback from customers

HotGrass has a long history selling weed online. We've been doing it for years! Value Buds is a new company that may or may not have legs—they haven't been around long enough to get a sense of their culture. At HotGrass, we do everything possible to provide what our customers want in a timely manner. We value your business, but also your privacy; all packages are shipped with discreet packaging through Canada Post with tracking.

Value Buds Doesn't Offer Bulk Orders

You can’t purchase bulk discounted cannabis at Value Buds, where as you can at HotGrass. HotGrass offers cannabis by the pound and half, while Value Buds doesn't. The more you buy, the more you can save, stocking up on cannabis well in advance. HotGrass also has new deals every three days, as affordable as 50% off the entire site to celebrate 420.

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