White Widow Strain: The Best Strains of Weed

July 12, 2022

by Ma Raim

The White Widow strain is both famous and sought after. It’s a balanced hybrid that traces its webs back to the Netherlands; the lovechild of a Brazilian sativa landrace strain and a resin-heavy South Indian indica.

White Widow has spun her hazy webs through every Dutch coffeeshop since the 1990s. White Russian, White Rhino, and Blue Widow have all grown from this original heavy hitter and are killer strains in their own right.

White Widow Strain Effects

You can expect a wave of energy and euphoria to break over you after a few hits of White Widow. If you struggle with motivation or your mood saps away any desire to get up and go, this could be your new favourite strain. Samplers report a washing away of social awkwardness as the strain promotes conversation. It’s also a great one for creatives.

White widow weed strain canada

It’s a fairly balanced hybrid but leans slightly into its sativa genetics. If you’re prone to paranoia, you might want to keep some CBD gummies on hand to balance the effect. White Widow can give you cottonmouth and dry eyes, so keep hydrated.

Appearance, Flavour, and Scent

White Widow’s buds are white with crystal and sticky resin. This is a sure sign of a heavy-hitting strain. It’s a wonderful outdoors strain, perfect for a stroll in a wooded area. The flavours of herb, spice, earth, and wood dancing together on every hit is the perfect combination to enjoy in nature.

Leafly Reviews

“Holy shit dude. Heady as fuck with a trickle down body high. I can hear the static in the air. I'm gonna go back to playing Battleborn now. Good ass shit.”

“This has got to be my favorite strain that I ever smoked. It gets me moving.. I'm not too lazy, I feel happy. I can get things done for sure.. I'm not paranoid AT ALL.. I actually feel NORMAL! Smoking White Widow is like taking a medication for me. It's the perfect weed. Seriously.”

White Widow is often ranked among the most popular weed strains.

It also comes in an organic greenhouse variety.






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